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Our Design philosophy is simple: The place we call home should tell the story about the unique people who live there. 

Schedule a consultation with Spaces Design to see how transforming your home to reflect your personality and style is made simple with our help. 

Our flexible fee structure makes creating your own style affordable by offering hourly rate or project flat fee budget options.

No job is too small, from a single window treatment to furnishing an entire home.  We have one of the largest collections of furniture, fabrics and wallcovering offerings in the area.

• Major renovations… 
 the Spaces Design team applies principles of design: scale, balance, rhythm and harmony to   realize your vision for your home. 
• Space planning… 
 draft floor plans, which take the guesswork out of furniture placement. 
• Fabric, Furniture, and Accessories… 
 purchase the right items to complete your interior space.  
• Lighting… 
 create lighting plans that capture the mood of your room. 
• Color Consultation… 
  select color schemes that turn up the drama and charm in a room. 
• Window Treatments… 
 design custom treatments to add sparkle to your windows. 
• One Day Makeover…  transform a room in just one day using your existing furniture, lighting, and accessories.
Design Consultation
Drapery ideas
Paint selection
Room arranging
Space planning

All Rooms
Art work, custom and otherwise
Floor plans/room plans
Flooring: hardwood floors, tile (ceramic, natural stone), carpeting, custom area rugs, oriental rugs
Furniture, custom and otherwise
Paint color selection
Window treatments: custom drapery, shutters, window blinds

Countertops: Corian, natural stone, concrete, quartz

Shower/tub surrounds

Services Provided or Arranged:
We partner with outside contractors and artisans to achieve the design

Carpet installation
Custom shutter installation
Window treatment and blinds installation
Drapery installation
Faux painting
Interior painting
Tile installation
Wallpaper installation 

Programming and Space Planning:

• Interview to determine client needs, schedules and budgets. 
• Establish functional and aesthetics goals. 
• Inventory existing furnishings and other items to be reused. 
• Provide space plans with furniture layouts. 
• Assist in developing the project timeline.
Interior Design:

• Develop budgets on all interior finishes and furnishings, as well as budgets for 
   interior improvements. 
• Assist in material, finish and furnishings analysis, recommendations and specifications. 
• Design all interior details. 
• Provide sketches and/or presentation boards of all interior selections and furnishings. 
• Review and coordinate furniture layouts with lighting and electrical plans. 
• Coordinate fine art and decorative accessories. 
• Coordinate interior plant selections and placement.
Construction Documents:

• Demolition/new partition plans. 
• Telephone/electrical plans. 
• Reflected ceiling plans/lighting plans. 
• Wall and floor finish plans and schedules. 
• Interior details and design as required, including cabinets, millworks, etc. 
• Furniture installation drawings.
Project Administration:

• Coordinate and review drawings with contractors. 
• Maintain project schedules. 
• Review all bids and pricing. 
• Provide on-site inspections during construction. 
• Provide assistance during move-in. 
• Provide punch lists of all work to be completed.
Detailed List of Services
Assessment of client needs is done through program review, job site visits, evaluation of architect and designer plans and/or interviews of appropriate parties. All data is employed as the project moves into the design phase. Interior Design Services 
Professional design service is available in the selection of products, development of space plans and selection of colors. Direction may be provided by the client or the client’s agent.

Product Specifications
These are developed through manufacturer specifications and, on custom products, CAD drawings. The design staff has an extensive range of vendors to work with and can recommend product alternatives. Complete specification and bid documents can be provided as required by the project. Direction regarding furniture can be taken from the client or the client’s agent.

Technical Support
Complete plans, drawings and specifications and any revisions to these items are provided to the client, as well as the installation team. Design staff takes into account ADA accessibility requirements and other technical requirements in their designs and specifications. Staff is also available to consult with clients in regard to any technical issue in the furniture plan that they may be concerned with.

Cost Estimating and Budgeting
Initial quotations can be provided for budget purposes based on input from the client. Staff is available both in the design and the consulting phase to suggest product alternatives that help a project to stay within a set budget. Revised quotations will be provided as the project moves through the revision stages.
Using a nationwide network of installation crews, we employ quality teams who have a through understanding of the products that they are installing. They provide professional service from project start to finish.  On large installations one or more of our designers and staff will attend the final installation to oversee placement and final details before grand openings and move ins.
Design Capabilities
Design starts with truly understanding the problems or challenges being faced. The communication process determines the success of the design during every step of the process. We believe that we are uniquely equipped to collaborate with all project stakeholders to ensure that your vision is fully realized through our design process.

Our staff constantly explores the latest trends in interior design and works to interpret them into fully functional products and floor plans. In addition, we are constantly upgrading our communication and presentation tools to provide the best possible process for working toward the ideal design.


More than interior design Spaces Design has a complete offering of industry leading services. Our experience in interior design allows us to make the most of each space providing the most functional space possible. An outstanding staff with 18 years of industry experience is there to help every step of the way.

Our complete range of services are designed to allow for the use of the services that make the most sense for your project. Our most popular services include:

· Design & Layout

· Product Development

· Product Procurement

· Project Management

· Installation

For a more complete listing of our services, see our “Detailed List of Services”.

Take a look at some of our approaches to different steps of the design process.

Needs Assessment & Layouts:
• Needs Assessment

Gathering all of the critical information is the first step in a successful design process. Determining all of the desires and critical needs of a project through interaction with all of project stakeholders is accomplished through personal interviews, discussions and design presentations.

Once all of the information is gathered, our designers are ready to work their magic on your project. Our extraordinary layouts take into consideration all of the important points laid out within the goals of the project.  In addition, we are creative in our approach to the operation the spaces we create to bring them the greatest comforts and style of the modern project. The end result is a well-designed space that is not only beautiful, but fully functional.

A wide variety of techniques are available to communicate the options available depending upon the size and complexity of the project.  2-D and 3-D layouts allow different perspectives on how a layout is working. For larger more complex layouts, walk-throughs are possible to ensure that the space is functioning as intended.  

• Project Information/Customer Data Sheet

Part of ensuring the successful completion of a project is gathering as much data as possible at the beginning of the project. This includes information such as collection counts, population served, desired areas of the library and much more.

To help in gathering this information we have created a Customer Data Sheet that helps to gather all of the important information into one location. Now available to complete on your own or walk through with a qualified representative.

View Project Information/ Customer Data Sheet  

Custom Designed Product:
• Custom Product Development

We understand that each project is different and has its own specific requirements. Custom pieces sometimes provide that finishing detail that really makes a product or project special.

Our designers and representatives will work with you to determine when a special product makes sense and how to best meet your needs. From customized desks or stylish shelving to special finishes and fabrics, we can help you match your vision at a cost that fits your budget.

With state of the art presentation tools, you will have the opportunity to see your product come to life before we even begin to build it. This helps to ensure that your project comes together just as you expected it to. 

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